Panda DOME Premium - 1 Device - 1 Year [EU]

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Panda Dome Premium brings together Panda's best protection, privacy and performance features into a single solution.

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Panda Dome Premium brings together Panda's best protection, privacy and performance features into a single solution.

Dome Premium protects your privacy and speeds up the performance of your device in one single solution. This high-end, cross-platform antivirus product allows you to enjoy all your devices with complete peace of mind.

Panda DOME Premium

It's the ideal solution for all of your family's devices:

Update Manager

The Panda Dome Premium Update Manager keeps your device’s operating system and programs always up to date.

Scan your computer for vulnerabilities and automatically download all patches required to update vulnerable programs.

Premium VPN

Panda Dome Premium provides 22 virtual locations for you to access all Internet content without limits or borders: TV series, social media sites, sports, etc. Browse the Internet anonymously, privately, and safely, wherever you are.

Premium support

Don’t let computer security drive you crazy! With Panda Dome Premium, you'll have a technician always on hand to solve all the IT problems in your home (from routers, to printers, consoles, or mobile devices).

Parental controls

Panda Dome Premium allows you to monitor your children's online activities and location, blocking access to inappropriate applications and contents.

Data protection

With Panda Dome Premium provides maximum privacy protection. Prevent identity theft and personal data loss.

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Cell phone locator

Have you lost your iPhone or smartphone? Don’t worry, with Panda Dome Premium you'll be able to quickly find your lost or stolen mobile device.

Password manager

With Panda Dome Premium's password manager, all you'll need to remember is one single master password, which will give you access to all of your other passwords securely with just one.

Anti-ransomware protection

Panda Dome Premium protects your Windows, Android and Mac devices from all kinds of attacks, including ransomware.


With Panda Dome Premium, say goodbye to seeing your devices slow down over time! Optimize your devices' performance and keep them running like new at all times.

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