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Professional Presentations Lead Success
The common choice of millions of users. Make changes now!

You will receive your code to redeem in your account within minutes by eMail. In order not to miss out the mail, please check the spam or junk mail folder too!

Delivery Time: 1~24 hours

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Please Note:
iSlide member interests are bound by account and member interests can be shared. That is, you can obtain corresponding iSlide member interests with one same account no matter it is logged in on PC/Mac, Website or App.

The All-in-One PowerPoint Add-in
Create professional PowerPoint presentations, even if you are not a designer.

Buy iSlide Premium, you can enjoy massive downloads:

  1. Theme Library
  2. Color Library
  3. Diagram Library
  4. Smart Diagram
  5. lcon/ Picture / Vector Library
  6. Private lcon & Picture Library
  7. Basic & Advanced Features
  8. Tween/ Compress / Analysis
  9. Scale Time / Security Export

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Built-in 300,000+ PowerPoint Templates

  1. Continuous Update
  2. Quick Search
  3. One-Click Insertion

Attractive PowerPoint Diagrams
With various parametric adjustments, iSlide Smart Diagram makes data intuitive and easy to understand!

Three-Step PowerPoint Design

  1. Select a Theme
  2. Insert Icons
  3. Add Text

Customize slides by combing various Library resources. More “one click” features simplify the design of PowerPoint presentations & slides.

buy iSlide License

License activation method:
For PC:
After loggin > Click "iSlide" > Avatar > "User Center" > Redeem Code (In the upper right corner of the pop-up [Account] page)
For Mac:
After loggin > Click Avatar > Redeem Code
For Web:
1. Open iSlide 365 web page on PC (Link:
2. Click avatar (At the top right of the page) and loggin. Choose "Member Center" > Redeem Code.
For APP:
Log in > Click "My" (In the lower right corner) > Redeem Code

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