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Elevate your Windows experience with Ashampoo WinOptimizer 27. This version automates acceleration, cleaning, and optimization, adapts to your needs, offers crash insights, and enhances privacy and maintenance with advanced cleaners. Enjoy lightning-fast analyses with improved memory management.

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Please note: It is recommended that you register a personal software account before activating the software on the device so that you can restore and activate it directly on your software account if you switch to a new device in the future.

Discover the next generation of system optimization!

With the new Ashampoo WinOptimizer 27, you automatically get the best Windows experience. With its new automation, your applications will be accelerated, cleaned, and tuned. Using the new Profile Booster, your PC will seamlessly adjust to your needs by prioritizing processes, automatically deleting temporary files, and configuring profiles according to your preferences. Whether for gaming, work, or browsing, maximize your system's performance, or conserve resources, the choice is yours. The new Crash Analyzer offers deep insights into system crashes and their causes, while four advanced cleaners ensure privacy and provide system maintenance. Thanks to improved memory management, WinOptimizer 27 can now utilize more resources to perform comprehensive analyses almost instantly!

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  • Automation modules with new technology and more options for individual settings
  • Faster application launches with enhanced Live Tuner
  • Optimal processor and memory efficiency with custom booster profiles
  • Examine hidden Windows crash and error reports with Crash Analyzer
  • Auto-Clean deletes even more unnecessary files as soon as they're no longer needed
  • Customize file auto-deletion
  • Deletion history for cleaners and system analysis
  • Find and safely delete empty folders
  • Brand new cleaner profiles with support for the latest Windows and browser versions
  • Easily refresh and restore the icon cache
  • Enhanced program performance through better memory management on 64-bit systems
  • Windows GodMode at the click of a button
  • Unified, optimally readable design


New cleaners with more power and efficiency
Sweep unnecessary files from your hard drive with full quadruple power!
Featuring brand-new search algorithms, the trusted cleaners offer even more powerful cleaning capabilities. Additionally, they place a higher priority on removing sensitive data, not just clutter and browsing traces. With Privacy Traces Cleaner, they achieve unprecedented privacy protection. Even finding and deleting empty folders is now effortless. All supported operating systems, current updates, and popular web browsers are supported by the cleaners.

Next-level cleaning
Advanced deep cleaning: Hunt down data clutter, enhance privacy, and resolve display issues!
With the new and extended in-depth cleaning, the hunt for junk files enters a new phase–and privacy and display issues are also easily fixable now! Get rid of old Windows versions, Windows update backups, and Windows usage statistics. Fix display issues in your games by emptying the DirectX shader cache, and speed up your slow Windows Explorer by clearing the preview cache. You'll also regain loads of hard disk space in the process.

Best-in-class multi-browser cookie management
Enhance Your privacy with Innovative cross-browser cookie management: Take control of your online privacy.
Despite their usefulness and added comfort, internet cookies have become something of a privacy nightmare recently. The innovative cookie manager will help you safely manage your cookies across all of your browsers! Separate the wheat from the chaff and preserve login sessions while eliminating cookies that invade your privacy. Use wildcard characters to instantly mark entire domains as safe–your settings will apply to all of your browsers and can be exported and imported for easy transfer across devices.

First-rate but second-row features
Over 30 Top-notch modules for every purpose - Beyond cleaners and optimization.
Aside from cleaners and optimizers, WinOptimizer also offers modules that other companies would rather sell you as separate applications. The software includes Process Manager for better monitoring and Privacy Manager for better privacy protection. These are joined by Icon Saver, to bring more order to your desktop, and File Wiper, to permanently erase sensitive data. In total, WinOptimizer features over thirty cutting-edge tools that cover the whole spectrum of system cleaning, tuning, and optimization!

Next-gen privacy protection with Privacy Traces Cleaner
Find and delete sensitive data.
Applications for Windows, games, and office suites all leave behind traces that could jeopardize your privacy and security. Privacy Traces Cleaner has specialized search algorithms that look for and remove such traces from files, folders, and the Windows Registry—after your review and confirmation, of course! The software has a built-in Registry backup feature for extra safety, whitelisting for individual exceptions, and multi-user support, so you can clean all user profiles at once.

Stay Informed About Your System's Activity
Get essential insights right from the start with neatly arranged information.
Our redesigned system analysis provides a comprehensive overview at a glance. In addition to the CPU load speedometer, you'll now have direct access to disk usage and privacy-related details, thanks to our new Privacy Traces Cleaner! Expand the program window for even more valuable system insights, such as the count of unnecessary files, services, and Registry entries, or the potential disk space that can be reclaimed. Our system analysis ensures you're well-informed!

Enhanced Tuning Through Dialogue
Effortlessly optimize your Windows experience with the Tuning Assistant - Unlock maximum performance and privacy!
Windows auto-optimization has always been a core feature of WinOptimizer. Now, it's time to tackle the rest! Our Tuning Assistant guides you through a series of simple questions with significant impact. Each response brings you closer to a faster, more discreet, and secure Windows environment – all while engaging in a casual conversation with our software. Disable unnecessary background services, fine-tune security settings, and tailor Windows for enhanced performance and privacy, hassle-free!

Windows Notification Center integration
Native notifications with essential details even when the program is minimized.
Ashampoo WinOptimizer makes full use of the system-wide Windows Notification Center to provide you with valuable updates. You will be notified when time-consuming analyses are complete, even when the program is minimized. Let One Click Optimizer, File Wiper, Disk Doctor and others do their jobs in the background while you're doing something else. You'll be notified as soon as they're done, no more need to watch the progress bars. Naturally, time and frequency of the notifications is fully customizable.

New features in manager modules
Cleaner uninstalls and more information when it matters!
UnInstall Manager 2 now also processes and uninstalls, Windows apps. A new look & feel, smart filters, and additional helpers make removing applications even easier and safer. Process Manager features a new and optional tree structure view for better clarity and also displays SVHOST-based processes. SSD Wizard provides additional info that helps to prolong the lifespan of your drives and to enhance their performance. Finally, reports across the modules now feature a modern design that greatly enhances their utility!

Operating System: Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows® 7
Requirements: Any device that supports the operating systems listed above.
Other: Screen resolution 1280x768 (Recommended: 1920x1080)
Full administrative rights are required to use the program.
An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

Regarding the Ashampoo series products, if you want to replace the computer, you must first reset it yourself before deleting and uninstalling the software. After uninstalling directly, you cannot use it again. Reset method: Open the software and click the menu: My Ashampoo–>Authorization Status–>Manually enter the registration code–>Reset Authorization Status–>Next. Follow the steps above to reset the registration code.


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